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This page summarizes the content of this website and provides information about the firm, its services, experiences and the person behind Jepeges. If you require more information about Jepeges or else, you can leave a message or use my contact details to get in touch with Jepeges.


About Jepeges

Jepeges is a specialised management consultancy firm, dedicating its services in the finance workfield. We provide our services as consultant and as interim manager. Our services include solutions in pricing & costing, cost management, cost reduction, financial control, management control & reporting, decision support, regulatory support, training and projectmanagement.

Our driving force is to get the best out of people and organisations. We therefore dedicate ourself to full engagement with our relations. We think and act in opportunities and solutions, because it opens the way forward to prosperity and growth.
We value growth as a necessity for every oganisation, not only financial growth, but also professional and personal growth. Growth implies change, leaving old practices behind and follow new paths. Changing for improvement, and embracing all what is good.     

Working is more than just carrying out tasks. It's also about personality and personal contact. We therefore value highly a good relationship with room for openess, care and human warmth, but also for self reflection and good sense of humor. We take concepts as integrity, loyalty and dedication very seriously. Of course you can expect that we treat all your information confidentially.



We excel in dedicated areas within the finance area. Specialties include:

  • Cost management: pricing & costing, cost effectiveness and efficiency, activity based costing, cost to serve
  • Management & financial control: planning, forecasting & budgetting, accounting, reporting
  • Performance management: perfomance indicators, balanced scorecard, business improvements
  • Regulatory support: accounting & reporting, impact analysis.
  • Decision support
  • Programme and project management



Improving yourself is transforming yourself. We don't take our responsibility lightly, so our involvement doesn't stop with giving advice. We also want to help to realise the improvements in your organisation. In serving you we always strive for the best possible solution for your specific situation. We do this by using our knowledge and experiences and combine this with pragmatism and creativity. 

Our typical approach exists of 5 steps:

1. Introduction & intake
2. Proposition & acceptation
3. Execution
4. Evaluation
5. Sustain


About me

Johan Smals is seasoned management consulant with more than 15 years working experience with Ernst & Young, IBM and PwC. Since 2012 Johan owns Jepeges Consultancy & Interim Services. He build his extensive experiences in almost all aspects of the finance function with companies based in the Netherlands and abroad. He has specific industry knowledge in telecommunications, cable and utilities industry. In many instances Johan was involved in regulatory support engagements, setting up a regulatory framework, preparing regulatory accounts and reports, and advising on regulatory process matters. Prior to that Johan worked as financial controller and staff in the treasury department for Hagemeyer, a wholesale trade company headquarted in the Netherlands. Johan holds a masters degree in business economics, given from the University of Groningen, based in the Netherlands. Johan is married with Marre and is father of three children.


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